BVQ for Compute Platforms

BVQ End-to-End Analytics provides support to monitor your IBM PowerVM and VMware vSphere infrastructure.

Use all relevant information from IBM PowerVM and VMware in combination with Storage and SAN – fast, secure and proactively.

Visualization: At a glance, you can monitor all your Hypervisor systems and their VMs or LPARS across different HMCs/vCenters or data centers – not just individual, isolated Systems, but your entire infrastructure – end-to-end.

Optimization: Easily plan your IT requirements based on historical and current performance data and solve performance issues with the lightning-fast BVQ Analytics GUI.

Monitoring: Get early warning about misconfigurations, capacity bottlenecks or overloads and act proactively. Avoid single point of failures with automated redundancy checks.

Embrace the advantages
of monitoring all the IT infrastructure layers with a single solution!

  • Early warning detection of degradation or performance issues.
  • Offers visualization via easy to understand interfaces and detailed
  • Ideal for quick End-to-End problem analytics.
  • Insight analytics for future system expansion planning.
  • Provides an ITSM/BI connector that links the BVQ analytics results
    directly to your ticket system or other ITSM/BI systems.

With BVQ, answer your Compute performance status questions

  • How healthy are my Hypervisors? Are there any risks or limits exceeded?
  • How are the Hypervisors allocating the resources? Are storage or networks overloaded and causing issues?
    E.g. at the application level.
  • Is a particular VM or LPAR overloading the infrastructure and thus affecting others?
  • Are there any slow drainers impacting VM performance?

BVQ for IBM PowerVM

  • Are my LPARs configured and can I easily shut down or maintain a Virtual I/O Server?
  • Are my LPARs ready for Live Partition Mobility or Remote Restart?
  • What vFC storage volumes or SAN switch ports do my LPARs depend on?

BVQ for VMware vSphere

  • Are there CPU oversubscription problems in my hosts?
  • Are there available systems where I can recover memory and
    CPU before we buy new ones?
  • Is vSAN performance affected by resyncs in the disk groups?
  • How can I prove that a problem is caused in the VMware layer or other layers of the infrastructure?

With the BVQ automated analytics system, web reporting, alerting and internal-external infrastructure integrations, you have all the tools needed to turn data into answers.

Download for Free

Download the Free BVQ software now and test BVQ for 6 weeks.

Even after the trial version expires, BVQ remains free of charge – you just have to register your product.

  • BVQ reduces infrastructure costs
  • BVQ improves operational reliability
  • BVQ creates added value throughout your entire infrastructure
  • BVQ is designed for practical use