BE A HERO - Keep your Systems in Balance

Become the hero of your IT systems with BVQ

These days, you need your IT systems to do more and more. The requirements are speed, high availability and of course, efficiency combined with easy administration. To meet these demands, you need to proactively detect problems before they affect your operations. There are plenty of tools for this in the market, but they are often expensive, complicated to use and suitable for only some of the systems you operate. The SVA solution BVQ stands out in many aspects:

  • Get control: BVQ takes over monitoring, analysis and reporting of your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure transparency: BVQ provides a deep insight into your IT infrastructure and reveals dependencies of system components and performance – End-to-End.
  • Automate processes: BVQ constantly checks the health of your systems automatically.
  • For all environment sizes: BVQ’s cost-effective licensing makes it affordable for any data center size. BVQ supports a wide range of platforms up to the cloud, so it fits with your entire infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure data metrics engine: BVQ is easy to install and user-friendly. Data collected can be easily integrated into your familiar ITSM and BI systems.
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Advantages at a glance
  • BVQ reduces infrastructure costs
  • BVQ improves operational reliability
  • BVQ creates added value throughout your entire infrastructure
  • BVQ is designed for practical use
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Automating the IT monitoring process with BVQ

BVQ is the central hub, the cockpit for your IT systems. It visualizes your infrastructure in a clear and logical End-to-End view. This means you benefit continuously from a comprehensive and clear overview of complex technical details. By gathering all the infrastructure data metrics, it facilitates the integration of these into the ITSM, reporting and BI solutions. Connected ticket systems facilitate workflows, so the processes interlock seamlessly. In the event of anomalies, BVQ automatically alerts you before problems occur.

The cockpit of a hero

BVQ Monitoring & Reporting

… for a comprehensive overview
Predefined dashboards and reports show all important data of your infrastructure, such as capacity utilization and system performance status. The dashboards and reports are intuitive; can be customized and easily shared with your team via a PDF or web-browser-link.

BVQ Health Check and Alerting

… for automated monitoring and fast response
Displays the status of all systems at a glance, revealing optimization potential, operational risks, bottlenecks, system limits, and breaches of configuration best practices. A steadily growing number of predefined checks (currently more than 200) secure your operations and ensure high efficiency. Of course, these can be individually adapted or you can create an alert for any metric.

BVQ Analytics

… for more insight into the Infrastructure
Our high-performance software platform offers in-depth predefined sample analyses and practical examples that quickly identify the root causes of performance issues. It also provides answers to complex questions about detailed load history and component dependencies within the infrastructure.

BVQ Connect

… for integration with ITSM and Business Intelligence
BVQ Connect integrates all BVQ information into your ITSM or BI systems via a REST interface. For example, the health status, infrastructure configuration and key performance indicators analyzed in BVQ are directly visible in your ITSM system. BVQ Connect relieves the ITSM/BI systems of the time-consuming tasks of analysis, correlation and reduction of data. BVQ standardizes the data allowing you to implement the systems faster and easier.

BVQ Platforms

… for a seamless display of all system areas
Of course, BVQ can also be used to monitor single systems. However, its true strength is shown when it brings together all layers of your IT infrastructure – Compute, Network and Storage – into an overall End-to-End picture.

BVQ Services

… for the all-round worry-free feeling
You can operate BVQ yourself as an on-premise solution, or use it as a service. Our SVA experts will help you integrate BVQ into your company, ensure smooth operation and provide fast support for all questions.

BVQ added value at a glance:

  • Simple and easy to understand monitoring, analytics and reporting with real End-to-End overview.
  • Broad platform support across all levels of infrastructure: Compute, Network, Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud systems.
  • Automated health checks: Highly adaptable monitoring of threshold values, best practice rules, risk indicators and optimization potential.
  • In-depth platform-specific analysis options.
  • Powerful Connect-Interface as central connection point between the IT infrastructure and ITSM, reporting and business intelligence systems via REST API.
  • SVA services support customization, operation and specialized problem-solving.
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  • BVQ reduces infrastructure costs
  • BVQ improves operational reliability
  • BVQ creates added value throughout your entire infrastructure
  • BVQ is designed for practical use